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Biotech: 2016’s Most Volatile Sector

Biotechnology Applications Biotechnology fundamentally uses livings systems and organisms to develop useful products. The sector has been faced with challenges in the past with the most recent being the 2009 recession. Nonetheless, technological advancements have revolutionized the ways through which the products are made simultaneously increasing efficiency of the experimental and manufacturing processes. Many applications integrate technology with biological living organisms and derivatives creating products and processes for specific uses. The technological and biological integration has reduced the time required for drugs to complete the concept to the shelf process. Biotechnology comprises of four major industrial application areas. These...

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Biotech Companies on the Rise For 2016

The biotechnology industry has been dominated by blue chip pharmaceutical companies like Celegne, Amgen, Novartis and Pfizer for long. But there are other biotech companies who are fast rising and may soon catch up with the giants. Biotech companies mostly grow as a result of developing new drugs and thereby diversifying their portfolio, or strategic acquisitions and mergers.  Here are the ones with the biggest potentials; Gilead Science (GILD) Though recognized as blue chip, Gilead’s growth seems to be taking a new path upward with the development of Harvoni and Sovaldi, hepatitis C treatment drugs. Ranked as 118th in...

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