Despite the initial downturn in the stock market following the New Year, several biotech stocks are poised for a strong 2016. Maintaining a healthy understanding of these stocks should help you set yourself up nicely for a healthy return on investment. While there are dozens of biotech stocks looking to make strong movement in the coming months, here are several to consider.

Retrophin, Inc (RTRX)

This company specializes in the development, acquisition and production of specialized drugs designed to treat rare diseases. With the progress of medical science over the last several years, this specific sector of the industry is poised for an explosion. One breakthrough drug has the potential of sending a drug research and development company such as this through the roof. Currently, the company has an expected yearly growth of over 100 percent over last year, which in itself is a strong investment. In fact, Retrophin has seen an increase of over 100 percent in the last month of 2015 alone. While current testing is being conducted, several drugs are in the final government testing stages, ensuring several new treatments should hit the market by the third quarter.

Gilled Sciences Inc (GILD)

GILD is another company specializing in research, discovery, development and the eventual production of drugs. The drugs researched by Gilled Sciences covers different sectors, so it is not primarily focused just on rare diseases or common medical issues. However, despite not having extensive cancer treatments, it does have the most commonly used HIV drug, which makes it a valuable investment simply for the particular medication. This way, the company does reach out to different areas of the medical community, allowing for a more diversified portfolio. Due to this, the company itself is expected to see at least a 50 percent growth over the next year.

Exelixis, Inc (EXEL)

Molecular therapies have become increasingly popular in the treatment of cancer, in part to Exelixis. The company specializes in the development of molecular therapies used specifically for different forms of cancer. Its research is directed nearly 100 percent towards cancer research, so while it does not have a diverse portfolio in the drug manufacturing community, it does currently have several drugs in FDA testing stages. With the expected passage of several of these drugs in the third to final courter of the year, growth for the company is currently pegged at around 40 percent off of last year.

BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI)

This stock currently is trading lower than the other companies listed. At less than a quarter value of GILD, it has a strong potential for larger stock purchases at smaller amounts. It is expected to receive approval from the FDA in the first quarter of the year on several key medications. The FDA recently approved a drug for individuals who have formed a dependence on opiates halfway through last year. The drug market for this currently sits at $1.4 billion and is likely to increase by 25 percent in the next year. Sales for BioDelivery Sciences International’s drug is expected to triple this year, giving it a 12 percent market share in the field. Other drugs are in development, so while there is a bit less certainty in this stock, it holds a very strong potential of providing a sizable return on investment, due to the current drugs released in the last half year and new drugs poised for FDA approval.

There are dozens of strong performing biotech stocks to choose from. When identifying some of the best investment opportunities with the strongest and largest ROI potential, these sit at the very top for consideration.